Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Little Bit Of Data

Now, some of you may wonder why I am mainly concentrating on the old works of Nicky "Spackleback" Pacione instead of his more recent works. It is not because I don't have access to them, I do. Sadly enough, Mr. Pacione probably made enough money from me in order to buy himself a couple bars of soap and shampoo, but he probably instead spent it on sleepsack bondage porn.

The reason is fairly simple: He has stopped writing stories, and instead has been concentrating on writing long-winded screeds against his perceived enemies as well as namedropping more famous works and people. Sometimes to compare himself and his previous works to them, other times in order to denigrate them, or other time to make serious claims of abuse about those people.

Additionally the screeds he prints are largely people to imagine themselves talking to an idealized version of him at some random point in time and some random place, as well as conversations with straw-men entirely in his head.

I showed in Dark Dealer that it is very hard to critique, must less a comedy critique, a work where the author spends all the time rambling on about disconnected crap with no plot, no characterization beyond caricatures or straw-men, no conflict. Even the conversations are boring and trite enough where the reader ends up sympathizing with the supposed bad-guy and honestly wishing that the narrator would get hit in the face with an ash-tray or something.

To be honest, the screeds are boring. I'd end up saying the same things over and over, since all Pacione does is make up imaginary enemies and have imaginary conversations where he challenges random people to meet him in a diner to buy him lunch and listen to him babble on like a politician with a cratered head-wound.

So I'll be doing more and more of his old works until he at least puts out an honest to God piece of fiction instead of a fantasy where he 'pwns' all his perceived enemies somehow.

Unless they are under 5K words, then I might give it a whirl.

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