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Nicker-Doodles & His Blog

So, Nickolaus Pacione, AKA Sparklepony, AKA Nickerdoodle, AKA The Hunchback of Illinois, has been running around writing all kinds of bullshit about everyone.


Now, for the last few weeks I've been trying to slog through what is possibly the worst thing I ever read. Now, I've read 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight, & Game of Thrones. I have to admit defeat. That's right, I have to honestly admit defeat. That goddamn piece of shit just crushed my brain. I honestly couldn't finish it, much less critique it.

Instead, let's look at his dumbass fucking blog...

Well what can I say — 
 Probably something stupid.

I do have another new short story started and in progress. This is the first time I am writing as my short name to see what happens with submissions and what not. The story well I am poking fun at the Liberal Agenda as they are going around saying “Love Wins” yeah bullshit at what cost they win — rubbing God out of the country?
Oh, great, of course. But...

Rubbing God out...

So, does he think them there gays jerked God off till he left the country out of embarassment?
Nicky hates the idea of love because he's an ugly, stinky, gross, squalid, unwashed weirdo. I don't throw around misogynist easily (unless I'm joking with close friends) but he pretty much fits the definition of bigot and misogynist. He hates gays, he hates love, and, well, to be honest, seems to be incapable of loving anyone.
But, enough about psychologically examining a broken manchild.    
 I am going to be swiping at Twitter’s CEO in this piece big time.
Because Jack's employees decided that a anit-homosexual misogynistic bigot howling out swear words at random people on Twitter wasn't something the company wanted, so they banned him.
      Jack is a fucking moron when it comes to the publishing industry and allows those who are Conservative to be silenced? Net neutrality is a joke to him and this story plays off that, especially when I see that he’s born the same year as me. I am sure he would love to sue me because I called him an asshole — I will go one further and call him a frocio for censoring Conservatives.
First of all, Jack isn't a publisher.
Two, Twitter allows conservatives to talk on Twitter all the time, up to and including calling the POTUS rather nasty racial names.
Three: Why would he sue a smelly hunchback from Illinois who lives off of welfare and never leaves his basement? What's he going to win, a used bondage sleepsack filled with dried hunchback semen and skidmarks?
Four: Oh, God, more goddamn Italian from someone who has lived in America for 3 generations and never even met someone from Italy or who spoke Italian.
      “Go ahead and throw a phelm filled lewgie at me!”
Ugh. Goddamn retard. It's is "loogie" and you don't throw it, you hock (or hawk) it at someone. And nice quote.
Someone chase him with that new dog washing thing.

      Twitter is shit when it comes to writers and they don’t give a fuck about those who they violated. Let’s see him get a fucking job working on or dealing with the authors swearing at him day in and day out. Disney you should reconsider with him because he doesn’t fucking listen to those who are impersonated and protecting those who plagiarize every chance they get. 
Holy shit. This is just ridiculous. Yeah, Twitter is shit, because 120 characters is not really enough to get across a coherent thought with any kind of depth, but Twitter isn't any worse for writers than it is for anyone else.
And most people who call Lulu or Createspace are polite, because those people consider it a business arrangement, but Spackleback can't conceive of treating another human being with decency and kindness, because he's a narcissistic dick.
He also throws out the plagiarizing bullshit again.

      The new story I am working on will address those of my generation in a profound way as they are not part of the solution they are part of the problem.
He doesn't get anything about his generation. He's never left his basement, except for joining the Navy, where it's said that he was thrown out of the Navy for sexually assaulting a fellow recruit while that recruit was sleeping, according to some sources.
He constantly "addresses those of [his] generation" but it's usually just rambling shit-fests that nobody fucking understands, because nobody really understands the rambling of a sleepsack haunting hunchback.
      “I don’t want to hear this working class hero bullshit from you; you get Social Security Disability so your money comes out of my pocket.” I can hear someone saying.
This is something that needs to be said to him all the time. He constantly goes on about "working class heroes" but doesn't know what working class is, has never worked for a steady paycheck, looks down on people with jobs, and he gets SSDI which he wastes on buying outfits off of eBay that he attempts to use to lure underage models to graveyards for 'photoshoots' where he offers them his 'sleeping bag' to 'change their clothing in', which is basically getting naked in his used bondage sleepsack.
He's a welfare queen, the exact kind of person that he rails against and screams about.

     When you had risked going into the negative for the next month to pay for a bill due in July — the realization someone has to say is they should damn well start supporting those who are indies.
 He goes into debt because he spends his welfare check on bullshit. Then he says that he needs $800 for his electric bill. OK, I own a house built in 1910, that I'm still modernizing (Hey, I got the doublepane windows in, now I just need to do the insulation up better and the venting and the and the and the) and in the winter, when it dropped to 10 below for entire month, my electric bill jumped from $125 to $350. Four bedrooms. Two stories. 
That does NOT mean that we should hold guns to people's heads to support indie writers and publishers.
What Pickles doesn't understand is that Indie publishing is very meritocratic, with how good you are at networking actually mattering. Why he fails (and I did pretty good for myself before I decided I was going to stop writing and publishing and concentrate on my career in being old and lazy) is because his stories are shit, his covers are shit, his editing is shit, his layout is shit, his advertising is shit, his internet presence is shit, and is basically shit at publishing and marketing because he's about 10 pounds of rotting jackal shit in a 5 pound bag.

 Instead of stealing from those who are one month away from being homeless. When it comes to Christine Morgan if she’s on the street begging for food in Chicago — if I have that last half of my Subway sandwich I am giving it to my dog right in front of her.
Whine whine whine. He's a month away from being homeless because he refuses to help with the bills, and his family is getting tired of supporting him in the basement.
And of course, he has to try to bring in Christine Morgan, a nice lady (I've had plenty of interactions with her, and she can stand my half-crazy ass) who he hates because she A) Is successful B) Is a woman C) Is a woman.

      “Why are you saying that?”
No shit. Why don't you stop writing revenge screeds and 'alternate personal history" bullshit, and write fiction again. I mean, you sucked at it, but at least you tried. Now you just write ranting screeds about people you hate.
      Because she stole from me and lied about it.
OK, tell us about it, Janet...
      She lied about the origins of her anthology and some brag about getting me shut down when I was speaking up for my SSN.
Well, considering you released your SSN on the internet at several different places, including putting up a Word document with your SSN in the page header, as well as releasing the first 5 numbers on your blog, after putting up your last 4 a year or so ago while lying about your time in the Navy.
YOU released it, you gibbering troglodyte.
Jack you’re from my fucking state you moron — were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth?
 Who gives a shit? Just because he's from your state you aren't owed a single thing from him.
Help the goddamn poor asshole as I am working poor when I only get 8900 a year from Social Security. 
 WORKING POOR? Holy shit! You haven't worked in over a decade, you get WELFARE, not a paycheck. You are NOT WORKING POOR! I work full time, believe it or not I put in between 35-60 hours a week at my freelancer jobs, and I consider myself working poor. But I don't believe anyone OWES me shit.
Pacione thinks that he deserves everything from everyone.
You shouldn’t censor those who are getting very little too you fucking jagoff — I have to ask, does Jack have his own private police force too to keep him from being arrested if he breaks he law?
He didn't censor you, he decided he didn't want you using racial and sexist slurs on his service and banned your ugly foul mouthed ass.
And private police force? It's a shame that Pacione comes close to one of the problems with the class divide in America, but completely misses it because he's not capable of critical thought.
      Well the new story I am working on — it’s got a David Foster Wallace vibe going for it. I have ran The Pattern of Diagnosis through and it does have this result too.
      This is not love wins but God loses the battle but not the war;
Oh God, here he goes.
 well I am going on record to say — when you’re a Conservative you get seen as demon. 
 Anyone who completely defines themselves by one political party is a goddamn idiot.
I'm conservative when it comes to crime, I believe in rehabilition over the modern idea of punishment only, and I'm conservative when it comes to responsible military spending and a strong military.
I'm liberal when it comes to prostitution, marijuana legalization, personal freedoms, and the ecology.
But I don't get seen as a demon. Just with different political opinions than some of my friends.
Nicky Pacione isn't seen as a foul creature because he's a conservative, he's seen as a foul creature because he's a disgusting little hunchback who attack women and children and does other digusting things.
Well with my uncle in the hospital I have my cousin pissing down my back for oversleeping 
Another relative who has spent their twilight years caring for and housing the disgusting hunchback.
And yeah, his cousin has the right to piss down his back, Nicky is a lazy fuck who won't even clean his goddamn room, take out the garbage, or make sure his relatives get to appointments designed to save their lives.
— I told him it was the medicine that is Ranitidine that puts me out like that, it’s a prescription version of Zantac. 
The side effect of Ranitidine is insomnia. SEROQUEL makes you sleep in, and when combined with Ranitidine (sp?) it causes exhaustion and chronic fatigue. But that's handled by eating a piece of fruit.
Now, I'll be honest. When I became aware that they put Nicky on Seroquel and he was mixing it with beer/hard alcohol, I replied to one of the nasty emails he sent me with warnings not to mix alcohol with Seroquel or go on and off of it, that he needed to fix his diet, cut out cafienne, cut out alcohol, and get on a sleep schedule. I told him that Seroquel (in some people) gobbles up blood sugar, leading to severe fatigue. I told him that an orange or (my favorite) a peach, as soon as you get up, will mitigate many of the problems.
For my troubles he threatened to rape my wife and teenage daughters and force them to carry his children to term, then force me to raise them.
So... yeah. Fuck him and his medication problems, he was told how to handle them. 
 Well when you have billions of dollars like Jack — its a question how much of that goes to a drug cartel for his cocaine stash. 
      I might see the “fucking half-breed” thrown at me as a slur because I am Italian-Swedish but I am European much the same. 
 No. He's American. His ancestors came here in 1935, 80 years ago, 4 generations ago.
You know why he's bringing up half-breed? Because he likes to call mixed race people (especially children) mongrels and half-breed trash. He's trying to deflect the fact that he's a disgusting racist.

Well I will say this much the new story is very controversial under my short name and trying to see who would take this one; well story is done at 3,000 plus words then sent off via to see what happens. I am getting pissed at the fact how Brian Keene brags about intercepting submissions so he can have Robert Baupader plagiarize the fucking thing. 
Once again, his man-crush on Brian Keene and Robert Baupader shows itself. I don't know why his twisted sexuality fixated on those two men, but it's getting embarassing.
Three thousand words? Not to brag, but I can knock out 10K words a day (and I have for some freelance projects) if pushed, and 3,000 is pretty easy to get.
But, at 500 words a page, that's 6 pages.
Big fucking whoop.
      My 2nd collection is now reissued with brand new story tuckered between The Statue and Gruesome Cargo. To be honest, it felt like I wrote it in that era too which what makes this cool. It’s the first time in a long while I had written something with mild profanity — well the new story has the swearing to a minimum too.
 Reissues of shitty stories he wrote years ago. Big whoop.
      I am helping my cousin with one of his first blog as an editor but he will be doing all the writing on the thing.
His cousin would be better off hitting himself in the head with a hammer than getting help from Nicky.
    I am sure some of you were looking at my page as I can take submissions that way and those who are writing the introductions; I do have a direct link for you when ready. That way in case you can bypass sending me the e-mail and have me look at it this way; it’s a cool way to do this to be honest. I would like to see more anthologies in the range of 180-190 page range too as well as when the magazine is re-launched. 
Nobody is looking at his link. And he wants people to email him so there's no paper trail so he doesn't have to pay anyone.
      “You’re running a scam Nick…”
 He never pays his submitters, he doesn't alert people when he publishes their material, and often just swipes shit off of the internet. He's running a scam, the whole way.

      No — I am not but what Christine Morgan is doing is a scam by bastardizing someone’s anthology. If you’re going to answer a gauntlet don’t bastardize someone’s title because that’s a bitch move.
Since you, Nicky, have done nothing but steal titles, write fan-fiction, and scream at everyone around you like a retarded gibbon, you have no right to bitch about anything.

      I got a conversation with Amazon.con whoever is doing the malicious reviews they are so busted right now. They got caught masturbating to child pornography with their mother walking in on them — can I even say that?
Seriously, he talks about it constantly.
You know, one day his mother just suddenly took him to his grandmother's house and dropped him off. There's been hints it had to do with his little sister. There's even been suggestions from some people who have been in a position to know that he was perving on his sister (who tries to avoid him) as well as warnings to the children at the last family reunion to not be alone with him.
Have we figured out why he seems fixated on this? Did this happen, and that's why he was sent to live with his grandmother?
Who knows. over the phone — she was going, “Oh my God! They are abusive no wonder why you’re not killing people at this moment with these reviews.” 
This nobody said ever for 1,000, Alex.
No, no they didn't say that.
      Stefan is Brian Keene as that’s his review pseudonym as I am guessing that might be a sock puppet of his. As “myself” is a sock puppet for either Christine Morgan or J. T. Larson. I didn’t sock puppet when I did a return to Twitter to taunt I wanted them to know that it was me taunting them as Jack is a fucking jagoff. Well I am happy to say I will find out in a few days when will be going on the attack with the review bashers — and man I can’t even speak up for myself on because I had to deal with the endless bullshit by Dustin Reade too. 
Ugh. More fixation with Brian Keene.
Notice he wants to return to Twitter to harass people.
Christ, he's a one trick pony, isn't he?
      Well more or less I am happy to see what’s back online and waiting for sales to do a trickle effect — sorry Reade this is where you failed as saw the offensive reviews saying, “I don’t blame you for being pissed. You were pissed when they did this when you were with Booksurge.” 
I'll take "Shit Pacione Imagined Someone Saying" for $1,000, Alex!

      Yeah there is a lot of frustration there and it cost me sales —
No it didn't.
 I am going to point out one of the losers who had did this too as I had looked up their e-mail address to make fun of them. 
So he decided to harass them.
      I remember the response he gave too, “That’s the most offensive e-mail I ever received.” 
Something he's proud of.
      The faggot did that e-mail around the time when I was in the hospital so I am guessing he worked at the hospital and did it while I was in the hospital then. 
 Of course he does. Of course he did.
No. He didn't.
You just suck and piss everyone off, Pacione.
 If the faggot is going to be a dick. Wait until I was out of the hospital so I can rip him a new one verbally as he worked in the same hospital I was hospitalized in. 
For choking on a piece of food he was shovelling into his face too fast to chew right.
That's right, like all of his other hospitalizations, it's shit he did to himself.
      The guy got really mad at the choice of vocabulary and I would have said it in that way too. I am not exactly politically correct I am not going to apologize for the politically incorrect vocabulary either. 
In other words, he going to use racial, sexist, and homophobic slurs, with threats to burn down his house, rape his wife, rape his children, and beat him up.
Does he send emails like this?
Yes. He tried it with me.
Remember: He's 5' 4" and weighs 200 pounds, not a bit of it muscle, who the only fight he's ever been in was to run up on a teenage girl and punch her in the face with a padlock from ambush.
Such brave. Such badass. Most tough.
 Well I am waiting to see what does with those reviews as I will make the e-mail what they said to me public.
They probably won't do shit.
      He’s going to hate Dirty Black Winter, An Eye In Shadows, and some of my other work because I peppered these stories up with the word faggot. 
Once again, so edgy.
He's obsessed with gay people.
      As an insult too. I want that crowd hating me with a passion.
Anything to get attention. He's like that cousin everyone has who, at someone else's birthday, they'll shit on the floor just to get attention.
      This is what I got from via e-mail addressing all the reviews:
“Hello, Nickolaus

      I’m so sorry for your inconvenience.

      Thanks for contacting us about the customer reviews that are offensive. As I mentioned during our phone call, I’ve given your question and contact information to the Community team. You’ll receive a response from them in 1-2 days.

      I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

That’s encouraging
That's an automated response, you goddamn gibbon.
 as I wish Anne [Rice] handled it this way too because she had got the shit flamed out of her too.
 You are not Anne Rice, and you don't get to talk about how she handles anything.

 If I had to deal with Randi [Harper] I would had been calling her the things that Gary Oldman called Nancy Pelosi.
 Why is it that it feels like you are almost wishing that you were one of Big Randi's victims.

 Someone find me Randi Harper’s phone number as she would be hearing from me personally.
She wouldn't care, and would quickly spin it to where you're getting crushed. Pacione, you couldn't handle Randi on your best day. She'd leave you crying in your bondage sleepsack.
 Let’s see how quick the bitch can respond to someone who has called someone a cunt on the phone for being one.
 She'd destroy you, Peaches.
 Anne Rice doesn’t have the reputation I have for getting into it with trolls.
She's got a rep for being a straight shooter and not putting up with bullshit.
Your rep is that you make rape threats, use racial slurs, and try to hide behind your bipolar issues.
 I will get into it with them and call them out as trolls plagiarized my shit so I will not take Randi Harper too lightly.
 You're doing this for attention, aren't you? Because if you think you're in her league, you're goddamn delusional.
 So with Jack — I have to say he’s a fucking dick when it comes to authors getting harassed as he will fuck over those who have very little.
Jack? Oh, yeah, the Twitter CEO.
Nicky, just shut up.
      I want to ask those assholes who leave malicious reviews of my work without even reading it; what do they expect me to spend the money on when I get royalties. Drugs?
 Not food, or rent, or utilities. We know you'll spend it on porn, bondage fetish gear, and gifts for strangers to try to get them to pay attention to you.
 No I am not Blake Judd so I haven’t touched a hard drug — I maxed out my bank account paying my electric bill ahead of time that I will be overdrawn into the next month.
An electric bill you should have paid months ago, but instead were trying to force your family to pay for you, not out of sympathy for you, but out of sympathy for your uncle.
 I will be willing to risk that to have the bills paid; but this is at the cost of getting a new ID card.
Oooh, $25-$45 for a new ID?
      When I had to deal with alleged fake biographers like The Rusty Nail as I am trying to report her to abuse for harassing someone who is on disability. 
And there's the Pacione Special. Hiding behind his bipolar issues. He harasses people, the Rusty Nail chronicles and documents it, and do not engage him, but yeah...
 I’ve been at trolls for years and Emma is a troll in the highest degree where she lied about me stealing from an author I respect as Ramsey Campbell hounded me for this too. So I gave Ramsey Campbell an ultimatum
You aren't in the power or position to do anything.
You don't even have the ability to pay your bills, you can't give an ultimatum to anyone for anything.
 — Sangiovanni’s career, my career, or Kealan Patrick Burke’s 
Wait, he honestly thinks he has the power to destroy careers?
Well, judging from the way he has treated Mr. Campbell, I can pretty much say that Mr. Campbell would more than likely not choose SpackleBack Nicky.
as I am looking to send what I wrote on my company page to the event where Sangiovanni is going to appear.
 I want them to know well in advance of the controversy she had caused and something you just don’t do in small towns
 You really don't go outside? Small town contreversy is the lifeblood of any good middle aged housewife. Drama all the way, baby.
 — cause controversy on levels of Skokie, Illinois. 
 Oh shut the fuck up.
Well I am looking to see what Ramsey finds out when his review gets ganked because of his bullshit — I get tired of the bullshit and would like to make a little bit of cash from a book I wrote. Well I can always sue Jack of Twitter for a $1,000,000 to have me set for life.
You can't sue him for jack or shit. YOU violated the ToS, YOU called people names and made threats. YOU got YOURSELF thrown off of Twitter.
      Having caught Brian Keene with my SSN 
That you put out on the internet yourself. Including on your very blog!
was a low move on his part and my cousin trying to claim he owns half of my imprint was another low move. 
Wait? What? He wants HALF of that shit sandwich? I think it's your cousin wants you to pay for the free lodging and everything else. Personally, I'd tell him that half a shit sandwich is still a shit sandwich.
 I do not like arguing with my family over my professional life — especially my immediate family; I told them not to intervene with things they don’t understand.
They understand perfectly. You've been doing this for 10 years, and you've made less than someone working a minimum wage job would make in a single week.
They know you suck at writing, they know you suck at layout, they know you suck at editing, and they know that you make single digit sales, if that, in an entire month.
      As in if I have to deal with something industry related this is my business to handle; as I have to argue with for keeping a fucking plagiarist on the website.
They got rid of  you because you were abusive and harassing people. Remember all those bogus DMCA notices you were laughing about to get people's artwork taken down? DA got wise and just banned your ass.
      Do they even have a moral compass?
Do you? No. You threaten children, women, harass them on blogs, forums, and even once used the HWA registry to get people's phone numbers to call them on the phone.
You don't pay your bills.
You sponge off the elderly.
You print people's material without permission or recompense.
 I guess not if they are going to ban those who have the moral fiber to speak up for what’s wrong — as I had written the story an submitted this.
Remember, Nickolaus "Bondage Sleepsack" Pacione is the ultimate judge of what is right and wrong.
      “What moral compass? You’re the most amoral shit I ever came across!”
Truer words have never been typed.
      Amoral shit — sorry that would be Brian Keene as he enabled my work to be plagiarized and went for my SSN, also he lied to about publishing his e-mail address when I didn’t have any e-mails in the novella. I am guessing he’s the one behind “Stefan” on as that’s his sock puppet — I had with investigated this. One can look at the e-mail above as that did come from
Face it Nicky, Keene doesn't want to anally master you while you lie wrapped up like a mummy in a bondage sleepsack.
Oh, and you put people's phone numbers and emails in your 'novel', that's why I put in a takedown. My email was in there.  
   The story I submitted out well it’s about 3,067 words — the same size as The Fandom Writer. I am working on another collection but it might have a different title when done though toying around titles and what not then working on a new introduction for Dirty Black Winter and designing the new cover scheme too. I am using the artwork from 1999 and the same photograph I used from the original release. Brian Keene bragging about stealing from a museum and Dark Regions Press using the very same place I use to release my own work — I will say my second collection is better done than something they released.
Blah blah blah. You're boring me, Pacione, you'r eboring.
      Now if you’re the asshole going “too long; didn’t read,” will you shut your shithole already as in you’re eating out of the same place you take a shit from. 
This was nothing more than a few thousand words of complaining from an abusive troll. Goddamn right it was TL;DR.
 You come up with a 2400-3400 word short story or blog entry and see what results you have
 Did it today, fatass. Already sold 20 copies in the 2 hours it's been up.

 because I will find your anthology you appear in.
Doubtful, because you can't read.
Or buy anything.
 I will say that to your face 
No you won't. You'll scream like a little girl, then run away giggling or sobbing, because that's what you have done every single time you have actually been confronted.
then tear the story out of book then light the fucking thing on fire because those four words are equal to hearing “Go Fuck Your Mother.”
You won't do any of those things, tough guy, because you're all talk. You're a pathetic vitrolic little hunchback living in an elderly relative's basement because nobody wants you around children or normal people, who lives off of welfare, and are a goddamn coward.

Finally, let's talk about this. This is a typical Pacione screed, screaming and threatening everyone.

Nothing new here.

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