Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'll Get You For This...

Someone apparently decided that I have too much of my sanity left and not enough brain damage yet.
So they sent me copies of Dirty Black Winter and Confessional. These are verified purchases that were purchased for me and gifted to me.

What the fuck did I ever do you, mysterious person?

The challenge note read: "Bet you can't get through these with reviews", and all I have to say is: "Fuck you, mystery person, I accept your challenge just to make someone cry."

These two 'books' are terrible. One (Confessional) is largely full of self-masturbatory bullshit, the other is full of the worst fiction I have ever read.

Nobody likes reading complete garbage, but someone hated me enough to send me not one, but wo Pacione books. Each over 200 pages. Each full of Pacione's special brand of whining and piss poor writing ability.

So, to whoever sent me these...

Fuck you. I'll get you for this.

And for everyone else, I'm going to start with Confessional, although I may take a break now and then to do a short story from Dirty Black Winter.

Whoever you are, I'll get you for this.

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